Nearly 200 years after his death, Napoleon remains an ever-present source of fascination and controversy. Ridley Scott’s biopic, starring American actor Joaquin Phoenix in […]
Book Review
Following on from At Night All Blood Is Black, his first novel about the African Tirailleurs during World War I, the French writer explores […]
She was one of the greatest French writers of the 20th century, the first woman to join the Académie Française, and part of her […]
Napoleon, played by Joaquin Phoenix in Ridley Scott’s latest movie, was fascinated by America. Although he never actually went there, his curiosity began as […]
Ninety-five years ago, a federal court handed down its verdict in the historic trial pitting the Paris-based artist against the American government. The case […]
Staying at the cutting edge of modern culture while remaining faithful to more than a century of history is the objective pursued by Tatyana […]

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