French illustrator Jean-Jacques Sempé, who passed away on August 11 at the age of 89, had a longstanding love for the United States, and […]
André Saraiva is a French graffitist, concept artist, video maker, and entrepreneur well known in the fashion, music, and nightlife worlds – he created […]
The African-American artist’s dizzying rise to fame is as fascinating as his neo-Expressionist paintings themselves. The French documentary Jean-Michel Basquiat, l’Afrique au cœur, available […]
Liberty, equality, insularity? The protests in France’s overseas territories that regularly make the news should not deceive anyone. Today, the push for independence has […]
French America
In a testament to North America’s French heritage, many regions, towns, mountains, and rivers in the United States have French names. Every month, French-American […]

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