Eighty years after Pierre Laval created the Milice Française, a plaque in Manhattan commemorating the man behind the Vél’ d’Hiv Roundup and France’s collaboration […]
If you think that French-American architectural ties boil down to swapping a series of variously sized Statues of Liberty, then you should delve into […]
After Moonbath, prefaced by American writer Russell Banks, the Haitian author’s novel Sweet Undoings was recently published in English in the United States. This […]
On January 16 this year, Susan Sontag, the American cultural critic and political activist would have turned 90. Throughout her life, she maintained strong […]
Richard Brody must be Jean-Luc Godard’s biggest fan in the United States. The Francophile film critic and New Yorker writer has published a number […]
French America
In a testament to North America’s French heritage, many regions, towns, mountains, and rivers in the United States have French names. Every month, French-American […]
This is the equivalent of the chicken-and-egg question in the cut-throat world of contemporary art. Who, between the person who had the idea and […]

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