In a twist of scheduling fate, the books of two French authors who have made their social backgrounds the main inspiration for their writing […]
Created in 1971 by American filmmaker and philanthropist Jerome Hill at his home in Cassis, France, this foundation welcomes artists and researchers from across […]
Beyond the Sea
Everyone knows Vogue, Vanity Fair, and Glamour magazines. However, very few remember that Condé Nast, the press group that has become synonymous with elegance […]
Famed for her self-portrait in Hitler’s bathtub, this American photographer had countless different lives. She was a model for Condé Nast, a Surrealist artist […]
Albertine Diaries
Every month, France-Amérique talks to a resident at Villa Albertine, the cultural institution from the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, which offers […]

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