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Thirty years ago, you could count all the whisky producers in France on one finger. Today, there are at least 120 distillers at some […]
The Observer
As economic conditions tighten and nostalgia takes hold, an old-fashioned eatery makes a comeback in France: the bouillon. […]
Bon Appétit
In a sprawling factory in the Washington D.C. suburbs, the French-American group Cuisine Solutions is revolutionizing the restaurant industry with its sous vide products. […]
Author and New York Times contributor Rebekah Peppler has made a career of distilling French cuisine and the art of entertaining for her largely […]
For the holidays, the Paris-based American food writer Rebekah Peppler has agreed to share with us a simple yet elegant recipe from her latest […]
While in high school in Michigan, Jim Harrison dreamed of being friends with Rabelais. But Gargantua is who actually comes to mind when thinking […]
The French baguette was just given Unesco World Heritage status! On this occasion, (re)read our article on American historian and French bread expert Steven […]

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