Jules Chéret, Job, 1895. © The James and Susee Wiechmann Collection

Always New: The Posters of Jules Chéret

JUNE 3-OCTOBER 16, 2022

Milwaukee Art Museum
700 North Art Museum Drive
Milwaukee, WI 53202

Always New: The Posters of Jules Chéret is the first monographic exhibition in the United States dedicated to the 19th-century lithographer regarded as the father of the affiche artistique. As prosperity fueled consumption of goods and entertainment in Belle Epoque Paris, advertising allowed artists to increase both their income and their audience. The city became a giant outdoor exhibition space, and affichomanie took hold, with collectors tearing down posters as soon as they went up. Some 100 eye-catching Chéret creations promoting everything from theaters and music halls to perfumes and pharmaceuticals are on view.