The now-abandoned Hotel Belvédère on the road to the Furka Pass, in the Swiss Alps. © Carlo Kuettel. Courtesy of Accidentally Wes Anderson

France-Amérique Live – A Photographic Journey with Accidentally Wes Anderson

NOVEMBER 12, 2021 – 11 am EST

Tune to France-Amérique‘s Instagram page on Friday, November 12, at 11 am EST (5 pm French time, 8 am PST) for a conversation between our journalist, Claire Lunel, and the creatives behind the Accidentally Wes Anderson project: founder Wally Koval and contributing photographer Jeffrey Czum. We’ll be live simultaneously on @FranceAmeriqueMag@JeffreyCzum, and @LittleBrown.

Founded in 2017, @AccidentallyWesAnderson features images emulating the American director’s symmetrical decors and bright color palettes – an Art Deco swimming pool in Paris, a baby-blue lifeguard tower in Deauville, Normandy, or a vintage train car in New Jersey. All pictures are sent in by an international community of photographers, curated by Brooklyn-based designer Wally Koval, and shared online. With 1.5 million followers and a coffee-table book published last year, the account has become a Mecca for aesthetes and adventurers looking to travel differently, an ever-expanding travel guide, and a cultural sensation.

The project was featured in the November 2021 issue of our magazine. If you missed this issue, head to our online boutique to order your copy!

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