Author: Clément Thiery

The combination of angelic features, a keen intuition, two million followers, and now a podcast about French language and culture have seen this 22-year-old […]
Albertine Diaries
Every month, France-Amérique talks to a resident at Villa Albertine, the cultural institution launched by the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, which […]
Montreal-born artist and designer Gab Bois has personally showcased a number of unique, surrealist pieces, including shorts made with lettuce leaves, a bra in […]
André Saraiva is a French graffitist, concept artist, video maker, and entrepreneur well known in the fashion, music, and nightlife worlds – he created […]
What can the United States learn from France – and vice versa? This is the question asked to guests on A Propos, a podcast […]
The French-Belgian chef has been in charge of the kitchens at Fanny’s, the restaurant at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Los Angeles, […]
What if the most-visited French monument owed its slender form to a passionate love story? This is the idea behind Eiffel, a movie “freely […]

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