Author: Guénola Pellen

In the run-up to the holidays, French scented candle brands such as Astier de Villatte and Diptyque go head-to-head in a game of creative […]
Ninety-five years ago, a federal court handed down its verdict in the historic trial pitting the Paris-based artist against the American government. The case […]
Dear Readers
This May 23, France-Amérique is celebrating its 80th anniversary! Launched in New York City during World War II, the oldest French media outlet still […]
Pannonica de Koenigswarter, née Rothschild in 1913, was the guardian angel of some of the finest jazzmen in New York City during the 1950s […]
Viewers emerged, as if enchanted, from the screening of Amaury Voslion’s documentary on the dreamlike world of legendary couturier Franck Sorbier, now available on […]
The “sartorial BMW of cuisine” has been dressing Michelin star chefs from hat to toe since 1933. Bearing a distinguishable letter “B” embroidered onto […]
Blue-Collar Chic
Trendy city-dwellers on both sides of the Atlantic have appropriated this iconic part of the French proletarian wardrobe. From blue collar to white collar, […]