Author: Guy Sorman

This month, France-Amérique is celebrating its 80th anniversary – a miraculous example of longevity in today’s print media sector. This success is due to […]
Twenty-five years after its Broadway premiere, The Lion King is still just as popular. In fact, it is the world’s highest-grossing musical, and its […]
American culture has always annoyed and fascinated French intellectuals in equal measure, from democracy in Tocqueville’s day to McDonald’s, Disneyland, and now #MeToo and […]
From 17th-century explorers to modern-day entrepreneurs, by way of 19th-century goldminers and launderers, the French in America have changed in many ways. And so […]
Did Haitians fall victim to a premature belief in the ideals of the French Revolution? In 1791, they revolted against colonization and slavery. In […]
Ideas have always circulated between the United States and France, but slowly. Thirty-five years passed between Tocqueville’s account of American democracy and the establishment […]
From the Revolutionary War to the debate on abortion and from #MeToo to Black Lives Matter, causes that agitate American society have regularly resonated […]
…the more they stay the same! Might it be that contemporary France is more immutable than it appears? One thing is certain: You cannot […]

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