Author: Jean-Gabriel Fredet

By acquiring Plan B Entertainment, Brad Pitt’s production company behind The Departed and Twelve Years a Slave, France’s leading independent audiovisual conglomerate (whose biggest […]
The former French ambassador in Washington D.C. is a realpolitik supporter, world history connoisseur, admirer of Kissinger, and avid Twitter user, and sees the […]
This is the equivalent of the chicken-and-egg question in the cut-throat world of contemporary art. Who, between the person who had the idea and […]
Far from the bustle of modern life, this oasis formed by the delta of the Rhône River has retained a charmingly untamed ecosystem. An […]
A full century before the rise of globalization, the Musée Départemental Albert-Kahn – which reopened just outside of Paris after five years of renovation […]
The Chantilly estate is a jewel in the French heritage crown. It is home to a famous racetrack, a horse museum, a 15,000-acre forest, […]
While the tip of the Cap d’Antibes is an exceptional site renowned for its stunning natural setting, it actually owes its reputation to the […]

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