Elsa Jungman. © Sabrina Bot

France-Amérique Live – A Conversation with Dr. Elsa Jungman

SEPTEMBER 26, 2021 – 2 pm EST

Tune to France-Amérique‘s Instagram page on Sunday, September 26, at 2 pm EST (8 pm French time, 11 am PST) for a conversation between French dermatology expert and “beauty minimalist” Elsa Jungman and our journalist, Claire Lunel!

What if the countless skincare products that we use daily were actually doing more harm than good? This question pushed the California-based PhD to launch a range of minimalist treatments designed for sensitive skin: Dr. Elsa Jungman. “In cosmetics, extra ingredients are constantly added to have the perfect texture or fragrance, but I never felt comfortable with this approach,” she says. “I tried to remove as many ingredients as possible and only keep those that are really effective on the skin.”

Elsa Jungman was featured in our September issue – our Fashion & Beauty Issue – as part of a series on French and American entrepreneurs making a difference in their respective field. If you missed this issue, head to our online boutique to order your copy!