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March 2020

Read about Simone de Beauvoir’s little-known adventures in America! On January 25, 1947, by invitation of the French Embassy’s Cultural Services, the existentialist philosopher arrived in New York to begin a series of presentations to American universities. She spent four months in the United States, became friends with author Richard Wright, hung out with bums and shoe shiners, and visited Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, and Chicago, where she met novelist Nelson Algren, the love of her life. She also wrote four articles for France-Amérique, including a two-part report on “the Poetry and Truth of the Far West.”

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The Forgotten Art Deco Genius

To hell with the tsar’s navy and officer’s stripes! Instead, Russian-born Romain de Tirtoff (Erté, the French pronunciation of his initials) came to Belle Époque Paris to be an artist, fashion designer, star illustrator for Harper’s Bazaar, and leading figure of the Art Deco movement. Yet his adoptive country never afforded him the same recognition he enjoyed in the United States, where he was nicknamed “the Genius.” The Met Store is now celebrating the artist, who passed away in Paris in 1990, with a collection of jewelry and accessories inspired by his avant- garde creations.



A Visit to the Illustrator’s Studio

French illustrator Sempé has a longstanding love for the United States, and holds the record number of published covers for the New Yorker. In his Parisian studio where he continues to work at the age of 88, he recounts his memories of New York.

france-amerique-greyound-new-york-Esther Bubley



The philosopher, novelist, and essayist was 39 when she arrived in New York on January 25, 1947. She spent four months in the United States and visited a number of cities, including Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Fe, Houston, and of course Chicago, where she met the love of her life, Nelson Algren. Published in France in 1948, America Day by Day is a travel journal, a diary, and a collection of musings on the sociological and political orders of a wildly different country that constantly fascinated her.



Francophone Musicians in Louisiana

Fifty years ago, the far-flung countryside
of southwest Louisiana was filled with French Cajun and Creole songs. From open-air dances to family homes, these country, blues, and rhythm-and-blues melodies were the soundtrack to several generations. This musical culture has been showcased in a black-and- white album by photographer Ron Stanford, who lived with these Francophone musicians from 1972 through 1974.


Table of contents


Les Elections Municipales: Local Issues, National Stakes. By Anthony Bulger


French Cultural Events in North America. By Tracy Kendrick


Editorial: Antisemitism, Here and There. By Guy Sorman

Cécile David-Weill: “Authority Is Credibility Granted by Children.” By Claire Levenson


Thomas Piketty, the Man Sending Property to the Guillotine. By Sophie Fay


The Gentleman’s Style: Hats. By Julien Scavini


Erté: The Forgotten Art Deco Genius. By Clément Thiery


Recipe of the Month: Camargue Black-Rice Paella. By Gérald Passedat

Wine Pairing. By Nicolas Blanc


A Visit to Monsieur Sempé’s Studio. By Gabriel Bertrand

Catherine Deneuve: A French Legend. By Guénola Pellen

Simone de Beauvoir in America. By SophieJoubert

Archives: When Simone de Beauvoir Wrote for France-Amérique. By Sophie Joubert

Marie NDiaye: A Literary Feast. By Sophie Joubert

Francophone Musicians in Louisiana. By Clément Thiery

Annie Cohen-Solal: “French Contemporary Artists Are Popular on the U.S. Market.” By Guy Sorman


The Observer: How Should Restaurants Be Judged? By Anthony Bulger

The Wordsmith: Le français sans frontières. By Dominique Mataillet


Notre-Dame du Haut: The Peak of Inspiration. By Gabriel Bertrand

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