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May 2020

This month, take a virtual tour of La Samaritaine! Closed for 20 years, this Art Deco-style department store inaugurated in the 19th century has been entirely renovated and is due to reopen in Paris in the fall. To offer a distraction during lockdown, we then take you to five regions in the United States that resemble France, and have reprinted paintings from the Edward Hopper in Paris exhibition, which was scheduled to open in May at the Phillips Collection in Washington D.C.

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A Department Store Rises from the Ashes

A new temple to fashion, luxury, and gastronomy has arrived. The former Parisian department store has had a major revamp and will be revealing its full Art Deco splendor this fall.



The Impossible Collection

Twenty pounds of unseen documents and photos, three years of work, and two accomplices. An impossible gamble, but one that has paid off. Laurence Benaïm is a fashion journalist and the biographer of Yves Saint Laurent. Martine Assouline is the “eye” for the ultra-chic publishing house bearing her name, and the publisher of this definitive monument to the work of the grand couturier.




Janet Flanner in France

Janet Flanner spent fifty years brilliantly portraying Parisian life in her “Letters from Paris” for the New Yorker. Swept up in the politics of the 1930s, she abandoned her neutral stance and invented a new form of journalism. She was forced to return to the United States at the start of World War II, and wrote remotely about the lives of French people under the Occupation. Her columns have recently been published in French under the title Paris est une guerre.



The Birth of a Master

Edward Hopper, 24, realized one of his dreams when he moved to Paris in October 1906. An array of works from his French years, which have had little public exposure, were set to be exhibited at the Phillips Collection in Washington D.C. at the end of May.


Table of contents


Coronavirus Media Coverage: A Make-or-Break Moment. By Anthony Bulger


French Culture for Cooped-Up Francophiles. By Tracy Kendrick


Editorial: Our Money and Our Lives. By Guy Sorman

Robert Sebbag: “France and the United States Are Equally Flawed in Their Approach to the Coronavirus.” By Guy Sorman


La Samaritaine Rises from the Ashes. By Jean-Gabriel Fredet

American Friends: A Friendship Worth Millions. By Benoît Georges


The Gentleman’s Style: Cottoning to America’s Favorite Fabric! By Julien Scavini

Yves Saint Laurent: The Impossible Collection. By Marie-Dominique Deniau


Recipe of the Month: Ratatouille My Way. By Gérald Passedat

Wine Pairing. By Nicolas Blanc


Occupied France by Janet Flanner. By Sophie Joubert

Mirror-Images from France to the United States. By Clément Thiery

Hopper in Paris: The Birth of a Master. By Clément Thiery

The Eddy: Life Lived in Jazz. By Clément Thiery

Three Questions for Christine Ockrent. By Guénola Pellen

Maryse Condé: Writing the World’s Chaos. By Sophie Joubert


The Observer: The Plague Diaries, a Flight to Fantasy. By Anthony Bulger

The Wordsmith: « Je m’en lave les mains ». By Dominique Mataillet


The LaM Museum: Thinking Outside the Box. By Gabriel Bertrand

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