Félix Vallotton, The Lie, 1898. © The Baltimore Museum of Art

Private Lives: Home and Family in the Art of the Nabis in Paris


The Cleveland Museum of Art
11150 East Boulevard
Cleveland, OH 44106

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A Post-Impressionist group influenced by Paul Gauguin, the Nabis focused more on evoking the subjective than rendering the objective, eschewing naturalism in favor of decorative, symbolic imagery. Bringing together paintings and works on paper by four of these “prophets” – Pierre Bonnard, Edouard Vuillard, Maurice Denis, and Félix Vallotton – Private Lives: Home and Family in the Art of the Nabis, Paris 1889-1900 (which will travel to the Portland Museum of Art in Oregon in October) explores how domestic subject matter meshed with their interest in interior states.


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