Author: Anthony Bulger

The Observer
According to British journalist Simon Kuper, who penned a series of articles for Le Monde, French is losing its utility, while English reigns supreme. […]
From the Newdesk
French president Emmanuel Macron will travel to the United States at the end of the month for the first state visit hosted by President […]
The Observer
Popular in the 1990s, Anglo-American names like Dylan, Brandon, and Kylie have become often-embarrassing social markers. In France, some 2,700 French Kevins apply for […]
The Observer
It’s easier than you may think! After his last article about the pall of doom hanging over France, our columnist in Paris reconsiders his […]
The Observer
The opening of Disneyland Paris, 30 years ago, has awakened the specter of Americanization in France., and the fear of “coca-colonization” continues to haunt […]
The Observer
Our columnist observes that political rhetoric in France has coarsened over the past two decades. A trend that one parliamentary veteran describes as the […]

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