Author: Sophie Joubert

In 1936, the poet and novelist was sent to America by the French daily newspaper Paris-Soir to write a report about the city of […]
The French artist and writer has been living in North America since 2012, and recently published his second book, Après moi le désert, in […]
Book Review
In an autobiographical narrative recently translated into English, the French writer and sociologist looks back at her childhood spent with parents born in Morocco. […]
Driven by a passion for America and extensive research, Olivier Guez has spent the last 20 years reporting on the biggest dramas in modern […]
In A Sun to Be Sewn, which will be published in English on March 21, Haitian poet and playwright Jean D’Amérique takes the reader […]
In Love Me Tender, published in the United States last year while she was part of the Villa Albertine residency program in New York […]
After Moonbath, prefaced by American writer Russell Banks, the Haitian author’s novel Sweet Undoings will be published in English in the United States in […]

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