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January 2024

The Peak of French Chic

This month, we take you to the mountains – to Chamonix in the French Alps, where the very first Winter Olympic Games took place a hundred years ago, and to the Rocky Mountains, where a number of French clothing brands are setting up shop and offering chic outfits for the slopes and the streets. Also in this issue, meet the Norman count who devoted his life to French-American philanthropy; read about Yuka, the French app that will help you shop for healthier food and cosmetics; and walk in the footsteps of Napoleon, from Austerlitz to Hollywood!

Featured Articles



Vichy France on Trial

The British historian, who specializes in 1930s and 1940s France, is turning his attention to the trial of Marshal Pétain. His book, translated into French this month, is in the same vein as American historian Robert Paxton’s work on the Vichy regime – another sensitive subject. This begs the question: Is it easier for foreign researchers to delve into the darkest hours of French history?

By Guy Sorman



for the Founders of Yuka

Can the success of Yuka, a French app that provides information about the ingredients in food and cosmetics, be replicated in the United States? To find out, its three co-founders have moved to New York City for a year.

By Benoît Georges



Inventing the Winter Olympics

One hundred years ago, 258 athletes from 16 countries and 10,000 spectators flocked to the French Alps for an event that would go down in international sporting history: the first Winter Olympics! In the run-up to Paris 2024 and the 2030 Winter Games, which will also be held in France, we take a look back at twelve days of sports and diplomacy.

By Diane de Vignemont



French Winter Chic, from the Slopes to the Streets

Fashion is coming down from the peaks once again this winter. Originally the preserve of shepherds, mountaineers, skiers, and mountain troops, alpine style is now making headway in the urban world. A number of French brands are embracing the mountain-to-city chic, and carving out a niche in the United States.

By Clément Thiery

Table of contents


A Row over Olympic Surfing Is the Latest in a String of Controversies Surrounding the Paris 2024 Games. By Anthony Bulger


French Cultural Events in North America. By Tracy Kendrick


A New Global Division. By Guy Sorman


Julian Jackson: Vichy France on Trial. By Guy Sorman


Asterix and the French: How a Cartoon Character Helps to Decipher a Nation. By Anthony Bulger


An American Adventure for the Founders of Yuka. By Benoît Georges


Hollywood Takes on the Napoleonic Legend. By Diane de Vignemont


Denis de Kergorlay: A Philanthropic Journey from Normandy to the United States. By Jean-Gabriel Fredet


Chamonix 1924: Inventing the Winter Olympics. By Diane de Vignemont


French Winter Chic, from the Slopes to the Streets. By Clément Thiery


Adam Shatz: “Frantz Fanon’s Work Is Understood Differently in France and the United States.” By Sophie Joubert


Mathias Enard in Rabelais’ Footsteps. By Sophie Joubert


Indomitable Gauls! By Dominique Mataillet

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