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France-Amérique Live: Ajiri Aki on French Joie de Vivre

APRIL 12, 2023 – 11 am EST

On Instagram

Want to know all about French joie de vivre? Tune to France-Amérique‘s Instagram page on Wednesday, April 12, at 11 am EST (5 pm French time, 8 am PST) for a live conversation with Paris-based American author Ajiri Aki!

Born in Nigeria and raised in Austin, Texas, Aki has spent over a decade in France, where she launched Madame de la Maison, a linen and antique tableware boutique, and wrote Joie, “a Parisian’s guide to celebrating the good life,” forthcoming on April 18.

Aki, who is profiled in the April 2023 issue of France-Amérique, will discuss her book as well as adjusting to life in France with our Paris-based journalist, Caitlin Raux Gunther.