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June 2021

The Art & Culture Issue

Great news for you, Francophiles: The Louvre just reopened to the public, and France is reopening to American and Canadian visitors on June 9. Until you’re able to fly to la Ville Lumière, we’re taking you behind the scenes at the most visited museum in the world, where Instagram curators, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, and a certain Netflix gentleman burglar all interact under the glass pyramid! Also in this issue, don’t miss our features on French interior designer Robert Couturier, who has been turning heads in America for the last 40 years, and tech whiz Aurélie Jean, who travels between France and America to make algorithms look cool.

Featured Articles




“Nothing in the Quran Forbids a Woman from Becoming an Imam”

Kahina Bahloul was born in 1979. Her mother is French and her father is a Muslim Berber from the Kabyle region of Algeria. She decided to move to Paris at the age of twenty, and after studying Islamology, she became France’s first female imam. She has just published Mon islam, ma liberté, a work whose title reflects both the author and her stance.



A Time of Restoration

Recently awarded to Anne Lacaton and Jean-Philippe Vassal, a French duo who promote “restorative architecture” and refuse to accept the current demolition frenzy, the Pritzker Architecture Prize has used its 2021 edition to celebrate sustainable development and eco-friendly initiatives.




Philosophy in the Living Room

Just as anyone would immediately recognize
a cantata by Bach – one of our subject’s favorite musicians – it is easy to notice the tone and diction of the finest French families in Robert Couturier’s voice – despite the fact he has lived and worked in the United States for the last forty years. But aside from his extreme courtesy, what exactly makes this man so French? And why, at the age of 26, did he decide to leave his home city of Paris? We sat down with this sophisticated monsieur who blends a respect for tradition with a unique reinvention of the present, while constantly looking to the future.



Writing to Whet the Appetite

While in high school in Michigan, Jim Harrison dreamed of being friends with Rabelais. But Gargantua is who actually comes to mind when thinking of the American writer, whose classic Legends of the Fall was made into a movie starring Brad Pitt and Anthony Hopkins. A lover of French cuisine, an insatiable gourmand, and an almost religiously fervent drinker, he excused himself from the dinner table in 2016 at the age of 78. He left behind two delicious collections of articles on the art of eating with gusto without looking like “a pathetic piggy.”


Table of contents


Revolt or Revolution? France Abolishes Its Civil-Service College. By Anthony Bulger


French Cultural Events in North America. By Tracy Kendrick


Editorial: To Be, or Not to Be, Woke. By Guy Sorman

Kahina Bahloul: “Nothing in the Quran Forbids a Woman from Becoming an Imam.” By Guy Sorman

Why Asterix Has Failed to Conquer America. By Anthony Bulger


Aurélie Jean: Taking the Code Less Traveled. By Benoît Georges


The Gentleman’s Style: Summertime Chic. By Julien Scavini


Architecture: A Time of Restoration. By Jean-Gabriel Fredet

Robert Couturier: Philosophy in the Living Room. By Jérôme Kagan


Jim Harrison: Writing to Whet the Appetite. By Clément Thiery


Who’s Hiding behind the Louvre’s Social Media Accounts? By Gabriel Bertrand

A Canvas, an Artist: Yves Tanguy, The New Nomads. By Tracy Kendrick

Emmanuelle Bayamack-Tam: Utopian Transformations. By Sophie Joubert

Art Brut: Inside the Minds of Outsider Photographers. By Jonas Cuénin


The Franco-American Museum at Blérancourt: A Tribute to the Friendship between Our Two Nations. By Dominique Mataillet

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