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March 2021

Hurray, quality French TV shows are now everywhere! The BureauCall My Agent!Lupin, which one do you prefer? Next, in the midst of the #MeToo movement and the Olivier Duhamel affair, and on the occasion of the simultaneous publication in the United States and in France of Consent – Vanessa Springora’s shocking book – and La Familia grande by Camille Kouchner, discover the books inspiring change in French society. This month, we also take you to meet Lindsey Tramuta, an American journalist and author living in Paris. On her Instagram account with 100,000 followers and on Twitter, she tackles issues of feminism and equality head-on and reveals the best secret addresses in Paris!

Featured Articles




The Art of Perfume

The most American of all French perfumers founded Éditions de Parfums Frédéric Malle twenty years ago. Now based in New York City, he practices perfumery like a fine art.



American, French, and Everywhere

Influencer, journalist, author, podcaster – Lindsey Tramuta does it all. From the center of Paris, where she has been living for the past fifteen years, this American-born naturalized French citizen recently published an inspiring book about the women who are transforming the capital.




The Blue-Eyed Rebel

Nancy Cunard’s life began like a fairy tale in a château in the middle of the English countryside. Yet it had such a sordid, desperate, penniless ending that you could be forgiven for thinking it lasted too long.



Perspectives on America

In 1978, Louis Malle moved to the United States, where he lived on and off until his death in 1995. He directed eight films there, including little-known masterpieces such as Atlantic City, My Dinner with André, and God’s Country. Rubbing shoulders with Hollywood’s elite and independent-film circles, he made a name for himself and stood out for the subtlety of his perspective on American society in the 1980s.

Table of contents


Le bilan d’Emmanuel Macron: How Is the President Faring So Far? By Anthony Bulger


Recent Streamable Documentaries for Francophiles of All Stripes. By Tracy Kendrick


Editorial: God in America. By Guy Sorman

Roger Cohen: “Being a Francophile Is a Life Sentence.” By Guy Sorman

We’re Not in Dallas Anymore: A Short History of Series, in Parallel. By Anthony Bulger


Frédéric Malle, the Art of Perfume. By Benoît Georges


The Gentleman’s Style: Elegant Resilience. By Julien Scavini


A Virtual Museum at Home. By Jean-Gabriel Fredet


The Return of the Green Fairy. By Clément Thiery


Lindsey Tramuta: American, French, and Everywhere. By Gabriel Bertrand

A Canvas, an Artist: Georges Seurat, A Sunday on La Grande Jatte. By Tracy Kendrick

Nancy Cunard, the Blue-Eyed Rebel. By Jérôme Kagan

Louis Malle: Perspectives on America. By Pauline Guedj

Sexual Abuse: Literature Inspiring
Change in French Society. By
Sophie Joubert

The Orient Express, a Railway Legend. By Jonas Cuénin


The Wordsmith: Covid-19, le mal en mot. By Dominique Mataillet


Foussemagne, a French Village With a Synagogue But No Church. By Dominique Mataillet

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