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Mai 2021

The Women's Issue

In this issue, discover the new faces of French women. Far from the clichés, they are Nobel laureates in economics like Esther Duflo, rabbis like Delphine Horvilleur, or feminist philosophers like Manon Garcia! Is it better to be Black in France or America? We will try to answer. Finally, read our column on Pepé Le Pew, victim of cancel culture, and our feature on French people in the United States who opened a bakery… in their kitchen!

Featured Articles




“Being a Woman, Jewish, and a Rabbi Is Not a Transgression”

After working as a journalist in New York City, Nancy-born Delphine Horvilleur studied at Hebrew Union College in Manhattan, graduating as a rabbi in 2008. She is now considered one of the leading intellectuals of her generation and her shabbat services, in Paris, are renowned for combining traditional hymns and contemporary compositions.



in France or America?

Racial prejudice is deeply rooted in the United States, where many whites reduce Black people to their slave heritage. This attitude is not shared in France, as the bulk of slavery took place far from the mainland. However, the reality for today’s French-Africans is far from idyllic.




I Opened a Bakery in the Kitchen!

A number of French people living in the United States have taken the plunge and opened a bakery. But in the context of the pandemic, they have been forced to work from home and make do with what they have on hand as they bake bread, croissants, cookies, and cakes. French products adored by Americans, a small initial investment, and the incomparable showcase offered by social media: Is this the perfect recipe for micro-businesses hoping to make some serious dough?



"Understanding What Male Domination Does to Women Is a Necessary Step to Achieving Equality"

Feminist philosopher Manon Garcia moved to the United States after completing a PhD at the Sorbonne, and she will take up a post as assistant professor of philosophy at Yale in July. She has recently published her book, We Are Not Born Submissive, in America and discusses different approaches to feminist issues in France and the U.S. and how her work was influenced by Simone de Beauvoir.


Table of contents



French Cultural Events in North America. By Tracy Kendrick


Editorial: Napoleon the American. By Guy Sorman

Delphine Horvilleur: “Being a Woman, Jewish, and a Rabbi Is Not a Transgression.” By Guy Sorman

Skunk Raises Stink. By Anthony Bulger


Esther Duflo, a Hands-On Economist. By Benoît Georges


Is it Better to Be Black in France or America? By Dominique Mataillet

Jim Browski: “We Don’t Talk About Race in France, and That’s Part of the Problem.” By Loubna Anaki


The Gentleman’s Style: The Safari Jacket. By Julien Scavini


Uzès: Luxury, Peace, and Pleasure. By Jean-Gabriel Fredet


Honey, I Opened a Bakery in the Kitchen! By Clément Thiery


Anna Kloots: World Traveler, from Ohio to the City of Light! By Gabriel Bertrand

A Canvas, an Artist: Sonia Delaunay-Terk, Electric Prisms. By Tracy Kendrick

The Pecci-Blunts, a God-Given Life of Patronage. By Jérôme Kagan

Manon Garcia: “Understanding What Male Domination Does to Women Is a Necessary Step to Achieving Equality.” By Sophie Joubert

Dominique Barbéris: Adventure at the End of the Street. By Sophie Joubert


Féminiser, oui, mais comment ? By Dominique Mataillet

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