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October 2021

The Wine Issue

Tanisha Townsend has one advice for you: “You don’t need to know a lot about wine to enjoy it!” The Chicago native, a sommelier in Paris and a rising voice among wine professionals of color, wants to make le vin accessible to all. She sat down with us for an interview. Also in this issue, read about the symbolism of wine in France! Done with your glass? Turn to our profile of Natalie Barney, the American heiress who reigned over Paris’s lesbian intelligentsia, and our story on the Covid castaways: couples, families, and employees who became stranded in the United States, Canada, or France due to travel and visa restrictions.

Featured Articles




Are Our Cities Really Emptying?

To believe the buzz, millions of big-city dwellers are scurrying to start a new life in suburbs, small towns, or even the deepest countryside.



The Covid Castaways

From couples and families to employees and investors, many people have found themselves stranded in the United States, Canada, or France due to restrictions on travel. What’s more, this plight is continuing with the fourth wave of Covid-19 and the Delta variant.




The Mystery of Eileen Gray’s Villa

This strange house with a funny name on the Mediterranean coastline stands as a testament to the birth of modern architecture


Eddy L. Harris

“I Know Paris Better Than Any Other City in the World”

Eddy L. Harris was born in Indianapolis. He has written seven books including Mississippi Solo, the story of how he canoed down the legendary river during the 1980s. But since 1996, his books have only been released in his adoptive country, France, where Le Mississippi dans la peau, his return to the scene of his first adventure thirty years later, has just been published.


Table of contents


Bis Repetita? President Macron Visits Marseille. Again. By Anthony Bulger


French Cultural Events in North America. By Tracy Kendrick


Editorial: The New Melting Pot. By Guy Sorman

Gérard Araud: “The Afghanistan Disaster Is Not the End of America as a World Power.” By Guy Sorman

Are Our Cities Really Emptying? By Anthony Bulger


Tanisha Townsend: “People Think They Need to Know a Lot about Wine to Enjoy It – You Don’t!” By Lindsey Tramuta


The Covid Castaways. By Clément Thiery


The Gentleman’s Style: Jackets: How Low Can You Go? By Julien Scavini


The Mystery of Eileen Gray’s Villa. By Jean-Gabriel Fredet


A Canvas, an Artist: Robert Delaunay, Eiffel Tower. By Tracy Kendrick

Natalie Clifford Barney: The Enchantress on Rue Jacob. By Jérôme Kagan

Christopher Anderson: In the Name of the Son. By Jonas Cuénin

Eddy L. Harris: “I Know Paris Better Than Any Other City in the World.” By Sophie Joubert

Joy Sorman: Skin Deep. By Sophie Joubert


The Wordsmith: The Symbolism of Wine in France. By Dominique Mataillet

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