“Pablo”, A Lively Portrait of Picasso

Pablo is a four-tome biography started in 2012, retracing the artist’s footsteps from his first difficult experiences in Paris to his success as the cubist “Picasso”. The full graphic novel has been translated into English by SelfMadeHero, and is now available in the United States as a single volume, and more recently as a digital version.

Pablo opens with the arrival of a penniless Spanish immigrant in Paris for the World’s Fair in 1900. Readers follow the artist’s first adventures at Le Bateau-Lavoir, a bohemian residence at the top of Montmartre, where he met Fernande – the first love of his life whom he painted hundreds of times, and who narrates the novel. Throughout the book we encounter the American Gertrude Stein and the painter Georges Braque, as well as a whole com [...]

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