• statue-liberty-liberte-ile-des-cygnes-parisFalse Friends

    The United States and France are both electing new presidents. Aside from the coincidence of calendars and the similarity of terms, is a president in France the equivalent of a president in the United States? The answer is not obvious, as words do not necessarily have the same meaning in both countries. We are familiar with the faux amis (false...[Subscriber]

  • Norman Rockwell, "Freedom from Want", 1943.In the Promised Land

    Having become an American citizen a year ago, after ten years of administrative procedures, I find myself confronted with the final step: celebrating Thanksgiving. Failing to honor the fourth Thursday of November would not be very American, or even entirely un-American. Forget the green cards, the passports and the right to vote. Surely Thanksgiving is the one, true consecration of...



  • edith-piaf-the-show-anne-carrere-french-songsPiaf! The Show, a Tour in Homage to Edith Piaf Stops by Carnegie Hall

    Every evening at 8pm, Anne Carrere brings Edith Piaf back to life. Since January 2015, the French singer has played the leading role in Piaf! The Show, which looks back over the life of the “Little Sparrow” through her songs, already attracting nearly 500,000 people across 30 countries. The culminating point of this 400-date tour will be a live show...

  • cite-civilisations-du-vin-bordeaux-wine-franceAmerican Friends of French Culture

    What do Versailles, the National Library of France in Paris and the Reims Cathedral have in common? All three owe their revival to American patrons. The passion of these philanthropists is vital to safeguarding France’s heritage and its soft-power influence in America. From Rockefeller to McDonald’s, we look back on a century of American patronage. “France has it all, except...[Subscriber]


  • vodka-french-france-grey-goose-liquorIconic: Grey Goose, the Premium French Vodka

    Grey Goose takes its name from the eponymous birds that migrate from Europe to Manhattan every year, and is the world’s third-highest-selling vodka, just behind Smirnoff and Absolut. Although little-known in France, this high-end vodka enjoys widespread popularity in the USA. It was originally created by an American, and has been distilled in Cognac, in France, since 1997. While vodka...[Subscriber]

  • cidre-cider-apple-pomme-fall-automne-autumnCider, Conquering American Tables

    When it’s time for the apéritif, a new drink is gaining recognition in the United States: cider. Popular during the time of the pilgrims, then falling into oblivion, this sparkling drink derived from apples has made a big comeback in the United States, where its consumption has exploded, partly thanks to the gluten-free and locavore movements. But unlike the Bretons...[Subscriber]


  • voting-booth-vote-election-referendumA Vote to Repel the Ban on Bilingual Public Schools in California

    On November 8, 2016, Americans will choose who will be their president for the next four years. On the same day, Californian voters will also decide the future of dual-language education in their state. In a sort of direct democracy, 17 propositions are being put to the vote in California this year. They include the abolishment of the death penalty...

  • national-french-week-usa-aatfAmerican Students Celebrate National French Week

    Une initiative de l’AATF (American Association of Teachers of French), la Semaine Nationale du Français a lieu du 4 au 10 novembre. Au cours de la semaine, un florilège d'évènements intellectuels, culturels, artistiques et gastronomiques sont organisés dans les écoles, collèges, lycées et universités américaines. LES CONCOURS NATIONAUX Un concours de vidéos Les élèves des classes de sixième à terminale sont...


  • thanksgiving-paris-rue-saint-paul-grocery-store-epicerieAmerican Grocery Stores for Thanksgiving in Paris

    France-Amérique has selected some of the best American grocery stores in the French capital, so you can prepare your special dinner as if you were back home. Happy Thanksgiving! Rachel’s Grocery Rachel Moeller made a name for herself as a purveyor of cheesecakes for the most fashionable establishments in Paris. Buoyed by her rapid success, she opened her own grocery...

  • thanksgiving-dinner-table-ideas-the-bride-linkAn American Thanksgiving in Paris

    American immigrants are full of ingenious ideas when it comes to perpetuating the tradition of Thanksgiving abroad. A large number of Parisians have been won over, and now also celebrate this U.S. holiday with family and friends, at home and at church. The fourth Thursday in November is one of the rare dates every U.S. citizen marks on the calendar....[Subscriber]