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Bridging the gap between France and the U.S.A., France-Amérique is the only French print publication available across the United States. This monthly, bilingual French-English magazine appeals to anyone interested in French culture and French-American friendship. The content focuses on cultural and economic affairs, French heritage – fashion, museums, gastronomy – while promoting the French language and the dialogue of ideas between our two countries.

With Bastille Day – France’s fête nationale – just around the corner, read about French Azilum, a royalist refuge built in the Pennsylvania countryside to welcome Queen Marie Antoinette, and tour the Château de Vizille near Grenoble, which houses the world’s only museum devoted to the Revolution of 1789! Also in this issue, discover the history of the French and American flags, which happen to share the same colors, take a look at the French inventions that changed the world – from Pascal’s calculator to the lawn mower – and read our editorial on diversity in Emmanuel Macron’s new government. Vive la différence!

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The best of French culture

Published in a bilingual format, France-Amérique Magazine is intended for anyone interested in French culture and Franco-American friendship.

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