• hillary-clinton-donald-trump-donkey-hotey-flickrThe Obsolete Distinction Between Right and Left

    While following the American and French presidential elections, it is hard to use the right-wing/left-wing distinction as a framework. The European-style division between classic liberals and socialists does not work in the United States, as socialism is not represented and all candidates support a more-or-less regulated form of capitalism. Perhaps instead we should adopt a new form of political mapping,...[Subscriber]

  • obama-hollande-white-houseOn Nov. 8, an American Vote for the French President

    The French have two presidents, the one they elect and another they do not, but who weighs heavily on their fate: the president of the United States. France’s military security, as well as that of the rest of Europe, depends on NATO, but this military alliance of collective protection is worth nothing without the American commitment. An American officer leads...[Subscriber]


  • Pierre Huyghe-MET-MetropolitanMuseumofArt-newyork-artFrench Artist Pierre Huyghe Named Nasher Sculpture Prize Laureate

    The 2017 Nasher Sculpture Prize has been awarded to contemporary artist Pierre Huyghe. He will receive his trophy at a ceremony held in Dallas, Texas, on April 1, 2017. Born in 1962, architect, film maker and designer Pierre Huyghe is renowned for having introduced sculpture into other disciplines. His works are inspired by music, cinema, and dance, as well as fog,...

  • cruising-through-the-louvre-david-prudhomme-graphic-novel-paris-museumCruising Through the Louvre

    Co-published by the Louvre Museum in Paris, this graphic novel takes the form of a surreal stroll through the renowned institution, and has just been translated into English. The Louvre launched its own graphic novel collection ten years ago, offering carte blanche to a meticulously chosen panel of artists such as the Frenchmen Nicolas de Crécy and Étienne Davodeau, the...[Subscriber]


  • Front-Bryce-DurbinThe French App That Will Make You Love Your Emails

    Vous faire aimer vos emails. C’est la promesse de Front, la première application d’organisation de boîtes e-mail. A San Francisco depuis deux ans, la start-up française a récemment levé 10 millions de dollars et compte parmi ses investisseurs le co-fondateur de Flickr. Front est installé aux Etats-Unis, mais son idée est née en France. "Il y a un peu plus...

  • Axelle Lemaire, Secrétaire d'Etat en charge du Numérique, lors de La French Touch Conference à New York.Les Etats-Unis, l’eldorado des start-up françaises

    A New York à l'occasion de La French Touch Conference—deux jours d’échanges franco-américains sur le thème des nouvelles technologies—, Axelle Lemaire, la Secrétaire d'Etat en charge du Numérique, a insisté sur l’importance croissante des start-up françaises aux Etats-Unis. "Ce n’est ni de l’expatriation, ni de la délocalisation, mais un échange réciproque entre nos deux pays." Entretien avec Patricia Carreras*, installée depuis...


  • green-card-lottery-dv2018-dibversity-visa-permanent-residentGet Ready for the Green Card Lottery!

    Vous avez du 4 octobre au 7 novembre 2016 pour vous inscrire gratuitement sur le site web du gouvernement américain et prétendre à l’une des 50 000 cartes vertes distribuées. Si vous n’êtes pas citoyen américain et désirez vous installer et travailler légalement aux Etats-Unis, vous pouvez tenter votre chance à la loterie de la carte verte, ou Diversity Visa Lottery...

  • Virginia-City-NevadaWho Are the Honorary Consuls of France in the United States?

    Whether realtors, bankers, French teachers, interior designers, bakers, bloggers or milliners, there are 56 honorary consuls of France in the United States. These men and women act as intermediaries between the French embassy in Washington D.C., the nine consulate generals and the French citizens living in the American states and territories. They are made up of both French and American...


  • dorothy-cann-hamilton-pier-marco-taccagetty-imagesDorothy Cann Hamilton, fondatrice du French Culinary Institute, est décédée

    La fondatrice de l'International Culinary Center de New York (ex-French Culinary Institute), Dorothy Cann Hamilton est décédée vendredi à l'âge de 67 ans dans un accident de voiture dans la province canadienne de la Nouvelle-Ecosse, rapporte le New York Times. Initiée "au yaourt, au fromage, à la vinaigrette" et à la gastronomie française par des amies françaises lors de ses études en Angleterre dans les années...

  • Breakfast-in-America-Paris-American-dinerParis’ First American Diner

    French gastronomy is generally regarded as one of the leading heavyweights in world cuisine. Food-enthusiasts travel to France from all over the world to sample and delight in the country’s famous dishes. While at the other end of the spectrum is often placed the ignominious food nations: Great Britain, Germany… and the USA, whose critics typically look down on it...[Subscriber]