• Gad-Elmaleh-american-dream-NetflixGad Elmaleh’s “American Dream” is Coming to Netflix

    Gad Elmaleh's first English-only show, American Dream, will debut on Netflix on March 6, 2018. This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship between the French stand-up comedian and the U.S. streaming platform.

  • johnny-hallyday-laeticia-laura-smet-david-hallydayHallyday’s Inheritance: A French-American Legal Battle

    Who should inherit the fortune of the late singer Johnny Hallyday, a former French citizen and a Californian tax resident? On both sides of the Atlantic, the rock star’s wife and two children are now fighting to stake their claim. Johnny’s most recent will and testament, signed in Marnes-la-Coquette just outside Paris in 2014, states that his entire fortune and...

  • 14-july-bastille-day-paris-parade-militaryDonald Trump Wants “A Parade Like the One in France”

    The Pentagon has confirmed it is preparing a military parade similar to the French Bastille Day celebration, at the behest of the American president. The project has come under fire from a large number of critics. With its uniformed troops, armored vehicles, and an air show, the July 14 parade on the Champs-Elysées certainly made an impression on Donald Trump....

  • Emmanuel-Macron-Donald-Trump-g20-sommet-hamburgDonald Trump Invites Emmanuel Macron to Washington

    Emmanuel Macron will be the first foreign government leader to be invited to the White House since the start of Donald Trump’s mandate. The French president will be the first world leader to be received ceremoniously at the White House, with a visit planned for late April. While several heads of government, including Macron, have already been received in Washington,...


  • juifs-francais-synagogue-parisHappy as a Jew in France

    The American press, conservative (Wall Street Journal) as well as progressive (New York Times), regularly proclaims that it has become impossible for Jews to live in France. I conclude that these papers know neither the history of France nor what antisemitism really was. Never in the thousand years that Jews have been in France have we been happier or less...[Subscriber]

  • 14-july-paris-parade-american-soldiersTrump and Macron’s Toy Soldiers

    After staring wide-eyed at the July 14 parade on the Champs-Elysées last year, Donald Trump now wishes to organize his own in Washington. Many wonder as to the reason behind the American president’s decision. Is he looking to prove the military might of the United States? Few doubt it, allies and adversaries alike. And given the similar events that have...[Subscriber]

  • macron-trump-invalides-paris-franceThe Blind Economists

    Modern heads of government are judged on the economic results of their time in office. However, this is a paradox. Our economies are open and connected to the world, and governments have little way of influencing growth rates. By definition, growth is dictated by global cycles which in turn are mainly determined by technical innovations. Governments can therefore hamper it...[Subscriber]

  • versailles-macron-choose-franceA Baroque Opera of Economic Proportions at Versailles

    Power is shifting from politics to economics — a change demonstrated by Emmanuel Macron, who invited CEOs of the biggest multinationals to a gala dinner at the Château de Versailles. On January 22, 2018, the French president invited 140 heads of the world’s biggest companies to the Château de Versailles. The summit was entitled "Choose France" and was held in...[Subscriber]


  • great-cat-massacre-paris-1730The Great Cat Massacre: French History Revealed by the Americans

    In 1730 in Paris, two apprentice printers staged a trial for their masters’ cats, condemned them to death by hanging, and carried out the sentence. This tragic event in the history of France continues to fascinate American historians and actors today. The Great Cat Massacre on the Rue Saint-Séverin was, in the words of the perpetrators, "the funniest thing that ever...

  • Bonjour New York Marin MontagutFive French-Language Guides for Traveling in the United States

    Major U.S. cities are attracting an increasing number of tourists and expats in search of new and original experiences. For those looking to make the most of New York, Miami, Los Angeles, or Chicago, here is a selection of guides written by French travelers. Destination New York, the very first Francophone guide created online [caption id="attachment_71497" align="aligncenter" width="670"] The third...

  • saint-valentinThe Gruesome Origins of Valentine’s Day

    Let’s take a look at the origins of Valentine’s Day, which over the years has been a pagan festival, a Catholic celebration, a sordid medieval custom, a romantic tradition, and a commercial ritual marketed by U.S. postcard vendors. The United States has a taste for festivities, and far more so than France. Americans constantly move from one event to the...

  • double-lover-francois-ozon“Double Lover”, François Ozon’s Erotic Thriller

    French director François Ozon, known for 8 Women, Swimming Pool, and Frantz, is back with Double Lover (L'Amant double), a tale of sex, neurosis, and identical twins, coming to U.S. theaters on February 14. Double Lover was freely adapted from the novel Lives of the Twins, published in 1987 by Joyce Carol Oates under the pen name Rosamond Smith. The...


  • cervin-silk-stocking-fully-fashionnedCervin: French Stockings on American Legs

    Arsoie is a company located in the Cévennes mountains in France, and is the world’s last business still making silk stockings according to 1950s methods. This unique know-how has won the hearts of dancers from the Crazy Horse cabaret, burlesque pioneer Dita Von Teese, as well as the likes of Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Katy Perry. As part of her preparations...

  • wooln-knitting-wool-hat-tricot-laine-bonnet-new-york-nycTwo French Expats Put New York Grandmas Back to Work

    New York City grandmothers can go back to work by knitting hats for Wooln, a startup founded by two French transplants living in the U.S. In its third year, the company led by Margaux Rousseau and Faustine Badrichani is growing steadily in terms of sales and grandmas. Nine retired women knit regularly for the brand. The "grandmas," as they are...

  • beaujolais-nouveau-wine-vin-party-feteGet Ready for Beaujolais Nouveau!

    After being bottled in Eastern France, Beaujolais Nouveau wine is transported to the four corners of the globe by truck, train, boat, helicopter, motorbike, rickshaw, on the backs of elephants, and in hot air balloons. On the third Thursday of November every year, bars and restaurants worldwide celebrate the arrival of this fruity wine, which is harvested a few weeks...[Subscriber]

  • petit-pot-french-cremes-dessertsPetit Pot: French Desserts, California-Made

    Creamy desserts created by a French pastry chef in San Francisco have found a foodie following on the West Coast of the United States. The brand of organic puddings Petit Pot is hoping to expand across the rest of the country and compete with major American groups by 2018. The company founded by Maxime Pouvreau was born of disappointment. Upon...[Subscriber]


  • theo-choice-movie-documentary-french-education-louisianaA Documentary Depicts the Rebirth of French in Louisiana

    A pair of French teachers have spent two years following the key players in the rebirth of the French language in Louisiana, including teachers, activists, politicians, students and parents. The duo’s resulting documentary, Theo’s Choice, will premiere in Lafayette, Louisiana on January 26, 2018. Théodore Brode is one of the rare French teacher from Louisiana. He is part of the...

  • education-french-immersion-bilingual-revolution-usa-fabrice-jaumont“Parents Are Driving Bilingualism in the United States”

    Fabrice Jaumont has a vision. By the year 2050, the Education Attaché at the French Embassy in New York hopes to have introduced a dual-language program into every school in America. Utah already has one in five schools organized in this way, and French is one of the languages of choice. In fact, with more than 160 bilingual options in...

  • Lycee-International-Houston-texasThe Lycée International de Houston Starts its First Semester

    The school will be opening its doors for the first time on August 21, offering an additional option for the increasing number of Francophone families in Houston. The corridors are freshly painted, the floor has been laid, and the furniture is all in place in the classrooms. The Lycée International de Houston was inaugurated on July 14, 2017, and is...

  • Columbia-Universite-Alliance-Programme-nycThe Alliance of French and American Universities

    The Alliance Program, a partnership between Columbia University in New York and three French institutions — Ecole Polytechnique, Sciences Po and Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University — has awarded 700 dual-degrees in the past ten years. Each one of these graduates spent half of their schooling in Paris and the other half in New York, making their education an equal product of...


  • dominique-crenn-bar-restauraunt-san-francisco-californieDominique Crenn: An Homage to Good Food

    Atelier Crenn made a name for itself with a multi-course tasting menu experience at 325 dollars and dishes garnished with gold leaf. But French restaurant owner and chef Dominique Crenn is now putting her talents into simpler things. Her new restaurant, Bar Crenn, set to open in San Francisco on February 20, promises to serve the standards of the French...

  • crepe-strawberry-strawberries-cream-frying-panLa Chandeleur: The Day to Flip Crêpes

    While Americans watch expectantly for the groundhog to emerge on February 2, the French will be flipping crêpes with their families. Known as Chandeleur in French and "Candlemas" in English, this event mixes pagan, Celtic, and catholic influences, and is named after the candles used for a pagan ritual celebrating the arrival of the harvest. In 472, Pope Gelasius I...

  • bisou-bistronomy-french-bistro-san-francisco-californiaBisou, French Cuisine in Touch With its Feelings

    French-American restauranteur Nick Ronan is known as "the Kissing Chef" in San Francisco, where he greets customers with a peck on the cheek as they step into his aptly-named bistro, Bisou. The eatery will be taking part in San Francisco Restaurant Week from January 22 to 31, 2018. Nick Ronan found himself in the restaurant world in the same way...

  • french-bread-baguette-traditionHow to Spot a Good Baguette

    As the French baguette enters the race to be given Unesco World Heritage status, American historian and French bread expert Steven Kaplan teaches us how to recognize and enjoy a good baguette de tradition. Six criteria matter: appearance, crust, crumb, mouth-feel, aroma, and taste. Viewed as a "fancy" food reserved for the bourgeoisie in the early 20th century, the baguette grew in popularity before...[Subscriber]