A Fantastic Short Film, Shot Between Paris and New York

Nicola Rose, a young American puppeteer living in Manhattan, is filming her first short film between New York and Paris.

Nicola Rose, 28, was loosely inspired by her own experience to write the script of her first short film, Creative Block (Bloc et Blocage). The film’s main character, Claire, a young New York puppeteer suffering from artist’s block, is dumbstruck by Thibaut, a French ice skater she sees on television. On a pure whim, she takes off for Paris.

“Paris is a city where I felt at home right away,” explains Nicola Rose. In 2011, the young native Floridian finished her degree in French at Columbia University in New York, and — like the heroine of her film — left to set up shop in Paris, where she enrolled in a Master’s program in theatre and puppetry at the Sorbonne-Nouvelle university. “Starting filming Creative Block in Paris seemed obvious,” she says.

Played by Nicola Rose herself, Claire revisits the director’s favorite places, including the Boulinier bookstore on the Boulevard Saint-Michel, and the Jardin du Luxembourg. With her yellow coat and red hat, Claire shines through the grayness of Paris. Accompanying her wherever she goes is a bunch of multicolored balloons, lending the shots a touch of color and fantasy — two of the director’s favorite words.

When Claire decides to leave Manhattan, she travels to Paris on the subway, as if by magic. Both whimsical and mischievous, Creative Block offers up a light-hearted trip to both sides of the Atlantic. The second part of filming will pick up in Manhattan and Connecticut in January 2017, with a release planned for the end of the year.

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