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Delsey: Give Your Travels a French Touch

From the packed avenues around Time Square to the cobblestone streets of Montmartre, French luggage company Delsey is an expert in user-friendly travel cases and accessories for all your escapades.
© Delsey

Elegant, convenient suitcases are the very best travel companions. And they are even better when they are French! Founded near Paris in 1946, the Delsey brand is a pioneer in the world of luggage and travel accessories. Through its “The Confident Move” campaign launched in 2019, the group is reaffirming its core values of security, lightness, and maneuverability.

A Delsey product is sold every ten seconds. But despite this success, the brand has also continued to innovate. “We have spent 70 years looking to offer travelers an increasingly enjoyable travel experience,” says the company. “Delsey has brilliantly honed in on the fluidity and control of gestures and movement.” Gone are the days of jammed wheels, dropped bags, and aching arms. “At a time when everything it getting faster and we are constantly on the go, we believed it was natural to focus our approach on maneuverable, lightweight products.”

As a partner of the leaders in French chic from Roland-Garros to Air France, Delsey’s core clientele are women who love to travel and who are looking to indulge in mobile, reliable, fashionable luggage. American customers love the brand’s French touch and typically Parisian design. From the Chatelet range with its rigid bags and suitcases in a vintage, stylish aesthetic to the Turenne range and its blend of business and pleasure, which one will you fall for?

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