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Bridging the gap between France and the U.S.A., France-Amérique is the only French print publication available across the United States. This monthly, bilingual French-English magazine appeals to anyone interested in French culture and French-American friendship. The content focuses on cultural and economic affairs, French heritage – fashion, museums, gastronomy – while promoting the French language and the dialogue of ideas between our two countries.

Hurray, quality French TV shows are now everywhere! The Bureau, Call My Agent!, Lupin, which one do you prefer? Next, in the midst of the #MeToo movement and the Olivier Duhamel affair, and on the occasion of the simultaneous publication in the United States and in France of Consent – Vanessa Springora’s shocking book – and La Familia grande by Camille Kouchner, discover the books inspiring change in French society. This month, we also take you to meet Lindsey Tramuta, an American journalist and author living in Paris. On her Instagram account with 100,000 followers and on Twitter, she tackles issues of feminism and equality head-on and reveals the best secret addresses in Paris!


When Zahia Rahmani was announced as the 2020 winner of the Albertine Prize, a literary award created by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the United States to honor both the author …
“There is more freedom in one square block of Paris than there is in the entire United States of America,” said writer Richard Wright in 1946. African-Americans in search of tolerance have always found …
The Battle of Verdun broke out in the Lorraine region 105 years ago during World War I. It was the deadliest battle ever fought between France and Germany – nine months and 27 days …

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The best of French culture

Published in a bilingual format, France-Amérique is intended for anyone interested in French culture and Franco-American friendship.

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