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Bridging the gap between France and the U.S.A., France-Amérique is the only French print publication available across the United States. This monthly, bilingual French-English magazine appeals to anyone interested in French culture and French-American friendship. The content focuses on cultural and economic affairs, French heritage – fashion, museums, gastronomy – while promoting the French language and the dialogue of ideas between our two countries.

When Richard Haines moved to New York in 1975, photography had replaced fashion sketches and the illustrator found himself unemployed. Forty-six years later, Haines has become one of the most sought-after artist in the fashion world. We met him in Paris during la semaine de la haute couture. Also in this issue, read about Dr. Elsa Jungman, the California-based French dermatology expert and “beauty minimalist” who wants to protect our skin’s microbiome, and Dominique and John de Menil, the French couple behind one of the biggest private museums in America: Houston’s Menil Collection.


For its eighth edition, the French-American Foundation in Paris awarded the 2021 Translation Prize to Santiago Artozqui for his translation of Matthew Baker’s Why Visit America. This collection of short stories has been a …
Does anyone remember Dominique and John de Menil? This French philanthropist couple arrived in the United States in 1941 and founded the Menil Collection in Houston – one of the biggest private museums in …
When French-Senegalese author David Diop won the International Booker Prize, French literature was pushed into the spotlight across the Anglosphere. But is this a passing craze or is there newfound interest in French writing? …

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The best of French culture

Published in a bilingual format, France-Amérique Magazine is intended for anyone interested in French culture and Franco-American friendship.

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