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Bridging the gap between France and the U.S.A., France-Amérique is the only French print publication available across the United States. This monthly, bilingual French-English magazine appeals to anyone interested in French culture and French-American friendship. The content focuses on cultural and economic affairs, French heritage – fashion, museums, gastronomy – while promoting the French language and the dialogue of ideas between our two countries.

In this issue, meet “the Californian queen of French start-ups!” Roxanne Varza, who was born in Palo Alto, is at the helm of Station F in Paris – the world’s biggest start-up incubator – where she promotes women in tech. Next, fly to Chicago and the 1968 National Democratic Convention: The French writer of transgression, Jean Genet, standing with the Black Panthers, experiences police batons and condemns, in Esquire, the racism of U.S. society. Finally, head to Jim Haynes’ in the 14th arrondissement, where the eccentric American cultural activist – who recently passed away – used to bring the whole world together around extraordinary dinners that the Paris smart set is not about to forget!


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The best of French culture

Published in a bilingual format, France-Amérique is intended for anyone interested in French culture and Franco-American friendship.

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