Couture Confessions: A Conversation with YSL

Yves Saint Laurent is the subject of a retrospective exhibition at the Seattle Art Museum through January 8, 2017. In her book Couture Confessions, published by Rizzoli in France this summer and now available in the United States, Pamela Golbin imagines a conversation with the legendary fashion designer.

Pamela Golbin is Chief Curator of Twentieth-Century Fashion and Textiles at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, and has delved into the museum archives to find interviews with history’s leading fashion designers. In her unique, documentary style, she has created posthumous interviews with 11 legendary couturiers including Alexander McQueen, Balmain and Balenciaga. Both imaginary (the interviews never actually took place) and authentic (all the information is true, and the meticulous [...]

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