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France Reacts to Donald Trump’s Election Victory

The official result came in around 2am EST on November 9, 2016: Donald J. Trump had been elected 45th President of the United States. The reactions from French politicians and the media were quick to follow.

In a speech given live from the Palais de l’Elysée, François Hollande offered cold congratulations to the elected candidate, “as is natural between two democratic heads of state”. “This American election marks the start of a period of uncertainty”, he continued. “Certain stances taken by Donald Trump during the American campaign must be measured against the values and interests we share with the United States.”

“The campaign has been nasty”, reacted on Twitter the Ambassador of France to the United States, Gérard Araud. “But the US we love will overcome this ugly moment.”

The French Prime Minister Manuel Valls took to Twitter to declare that “The American people have spoken. We must face this new global situation head-on, while remaining true to our values.”

Interviewed by the television channel France 2, the French Minister for Foreign Affairs, Jean-Marc Ayrault, called for “vigilance” in light of the sentiments expressed by Donald Trump during his campaign, which “until now, have given cause for worry”. He went on to say that, after Brexit and the election of Donald Trump, it was vital that the European Union did not follow the United States into discord. “Europe must not waver”, he said, calling for “More solidarity”

In an editorial published on the morning of November 9, the center-left French daily newspaper, Libération, went for the apocalyptic metaphor – “The United States and the world have leapt into the unknown” — before highlighting the extreme stances taken by the now president-elect. “The world’s greatest superpower is now in the hands of the far right.”

Another French daily newspaper, Le Figaro, which just last September published an article by a political analyst explaining “Why the French should vote for Donald Trump”, performed an elegant about-face with an editorial entitled “Donald Trump, from clown to president”. For the swearing in of Donald Trump at the White House on January 20, 2017, the right-wing newspaper is already issuing a “Tornado warning in Washington”.

  • Thanks God for elected president Donald Trump, who has the guts to speak loud and clear about delicate subjects concernant our country and the world. Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party was representing CORRUPTION and PAY for Play. I wish French people to electe a WINNER and not a LOOSER like Mr. Hollande. I dislike your socialistic views and hope the French will be smart enough to elect a Marine le Pen for THE SAKE OF THIS COUNTRY and Europe.

  • Fascisme is creeping in 1930 flashback anyone ?
    Is Lopez a Hispanic name right? Hope you have at least a green card and that you will let men treat you the way your elected president thinks how a women (minority) should be treated bravo for your self respect

    • I am french and american citizen. Talking about respect! put Bill Clinton in the White House? a corrupt sexual predator, who was impeach but not condemn because of his statut of president!!!!! and Hillary who use her position as Secretary of State to enrich herself and her family!
      They are part of the Washington cartel and we are delighted that Mr TRUMP is going to drain the swamp!

  • Actually facism is the tool currently being used by progressives masquerading as the left here in the US to silence opposition to the globalist agenda. What defines a country? Borders , language , and culture ….all of which are under attack in western civilization. Brexit , USA , France is next as we take back our society.

  • Although I did not vote for Trump or Clinton, I find him refreshing in comparison to the career politicians we have been subjected to. He has not wasted time and is prepared to hit the ground running. In the meantime he is being criticized for everything from his political appointments (that’s why they are called appointments) to going out to dinner without dragging the press along with him. There is lots of fabrication and idle speculation in the press because he isn’t telling them anything, and why should he. I’m pleased to see someone with a business background in the presidency.

  • Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, however, with this win in the Electoral College and the far right wing people that he seems hell-bent to choose for cabinet posts and other important positions along with a Republican Congress & Senate it could well be the beginning of the slippery slope into fascism for this country. Apparently, he was successful in duping a large segment of the electorate who actually voted but wait until they find out that he does NOT have their best interests in mind, and what it will ultimately cost this country to place him in a position of power. Quite frightening to contemplate.

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