Give the People What They Want. But What Exactly?

In an effort to reply to demands from the Yellow Vest movement, Emmanuel Macron has launched a major national debate that has so far had some success. The initiative is similar to one suggested by Louis XVI before the French Revolution, when citizens were invited to present “grievance books” to the king. The French have…

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  • Opération de com d’une démagogie inédite en France, où sont d’ailleurs exclus de nombreux sujets essentiels, et que ni les observateurs politiques lucides (toutes étiquettes politiques confondues) ni la majorité des citoyens ne prennent au sérieux. Les dirigeants n’ayant pas la capacité ou la volonté d’agir en profondeur en sont réduits à faire de la com : l’ère médiocratique a remplacé l’ère démocratique.

  • Didn’t do much for Louis XVI. Macron will do well do avoid the same fate. Article was excellent and conclusions logical. The first among many problems with bureaucracy is that no one is ever held accountable for incompetence, waste, & inefficiency. Not just France. Same the world over. Where is the example of a bureaucracy that is a model of efficiency. Making bureaucrats accountable would be a start.

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