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France-Amérique Launches an App!

To celebrate la rentrée in September, France-Amérique Magazine is launching its mobile app, available to download for free on the App Store and Google Play.

“Ding!” As you look at your smartphone, a notification appears on the screen: “The September 2021 issue of France-Amérique is now available in your library. Happy reading!” With a simple tap, the app opens and you find yourself immersed in your favorite French-American magazine.

The many features include saving your favorite articles, downloading each issue to read later, increasing the font size, changing the background color, and adjusting the light to make it as comfortable to read as the print magazine. You can even choose to have the magazine read out loud to you, meaning you can listen to all our articles in both French and English!

“We are delighted to share the magazine’s latest development with our readers,” says Guénola Pellen, director of France-Amérique. “Our subscribers can now choose the reading format that best suits their needs and expectations.”

The app can be used on smartphones, tablets, and computers, is compatible with iOS and Android, and also gives you access to the archives of past issues. You can even use it to buy single copies of the print version! “Whatever subscription you choose,” says Guénola Pellen, “you will have the same high-quality reading experience with both our app and our print magazine.”

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Bonne rentrée
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