The Best of 2017

As 2017 morphs into 2018, (re)discover the articles which garnered the most success on France-Amé in the past twelve months. Happy reading and happy New Year!

French Dialects Fight for Survival in the United States

Integration and the law forced Francophones in the United States to abandon their language in the early 20th century. Language enthusiasts are now fighting for the survival of French dialects in Missouri, Louisiana, and Maine. [March 2, 2017]


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The French Source of Trumpism

Steve Bannon, the former White House’s Chief Strategist, is largely inspired by a 1930s reactionary French philosopher: Charles Maurras. [February 16, 2017]


French Fashion v. American Fashion

What are the differences between French and American fashion? We asked French fashion designer Anne Fontaine and Valerie Steele, director of the museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology. [September 14, 2017]


A Wind of Madness Blows over Franco-American Relations

Donald Trump laments the disappearance of an eternal Paris, while U.S. immigration officers detain French scholars at the border. [March 2, 2017]


Bilingualism Is a Government Affair in Salt Lake City

With a total of 3,900 children involved in the French immersion program, Utah is the second American state with the highest number of pupils learning French. [March 30, 2017]


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