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The French Number: The App that Lets you Connect with French Locals

The French Number, the crowdsourced hotline for France, now has users in the United States and 166 other countries – a veritable telephone social network. Cocorico!
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Want to connect with a targeted French person based on location, interests or gender? For instance, for Chelsea from New York, who is preparing for a trip to Nice in the South of France, getting in touch directly with a local will enable her to get information about gastronomy, culture, places to stay, nightlife, and more, that she would simply not obtain through an Internet search or tourist guides. The French Number also enables her to have conversations and create relationships with inspiring locals that she will eventually be able to meet once in Nice. This is what The French Number, the telephone social network, offers. The mobile app, launched six months ago, now has 20,000 users in more than 167 countries, 70% of them in France, the United States, China, and India.

Marc Baillet, the founder, explains : “The French Number builds a worldwide community by reinventing the way people connect and interact together. The way it works is very simple: to register to the iOS or Android mobile application, users from all over the world need to be 18 years old and able to speak English or French and/or other languages. They then select their interests and conversational preferences to monitor their calls and conversations with French people.”

Through random or targeted connections, The French Number offers playful and interactive voice-to-voice experiences. Getting or sharing touristic information with/from a French local, having great conversations in French or any other language, meeting new inspiring people, the uses are numerous with The French Number. The French Number platform is approved and acclaimed by a large following for its social utility and the playful character of its approach, which also includes a loyalty program for its ambassadors. Launched in the form of a prototype in September 2016, The French Number application, which connects foreigners and travelers with French locals on a random basis, has launched a new service with enhanced functionalities on April 15.

What Can You Do with The French Number?

– Connect from anywhere in the world with a French local
– Connect randomly with a French person anywhere in France
– Or select a town and topics and get connected with a local French person
– Call back or get called back by your most preferred French ambassadors
– Relisten to your private recorded conversations
– Give and get feedback, rate the calls and get rated

How to Register to The French Number ?

It’s very simple! Just download the iOS or Android mobile application. It’s free! All the  random calls are also free of charge. In app subscriptions and a la carte services are also available if you want to benefit from premium options. So, don’t wait, call a random French person now and discuss anything!