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Emmanuel de Boisset: Bringing Art Into Businesses

Emmanuel de Boisset, a Young Leader with the French-American Foundation in 2009, is the co-founder and president of the Artismagna contemporary art gallery in Lille, Paris, and Lyon, and has decided to bring art into businesses.
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France-Amérique: What role can art play in corporate projects?

Emmanuel de Boisset: The surprise of an esthetic, poetic experience in a working environment offers priceless projections with collective advantages, including the ability to transpose reality in a constantly shifting context. Art creates unpredictable, lasting impressions that really leave a mark, and modifies the appearance of the visible and of perceived images. These are just some of the positive impacts that, through the sole strength of instinctive emotion, can inspire breakthroughs and encourage visionary perspectives.

How does your gallery approach companies, and how do artists respond to this strategy?

Our model invites client companies to define a monthly budget and choose between two formats: long-term rental (a subscription with rolling selections of works) and rental with purchasing options (rental, followed by a purchase at a predetermined residual price). The artists we represent are pleased for two reasons: Their art is more widely exhibited, and companies are more likely to purchase the works they entrust to us.

What is your definition of beauty?

My idea of beauty is generally anything that elevates the soul. As a contemporary art professional, I use my appreciation of beauty in a different, more personal way, as our identity is defined through a certain taste. More precisely, it is the gallerist’s role to offer the public an original taste through risky yet relevant curatorial choices among up-and-coming artists.

Galerie Artismagna:

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