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Trump vs. Harley-Davidson : l’équipée sauvage

Trump n’a besoin de personne en Harley-Davidson. La décision du constructeur américain de délocaliser sa production — une réaction aux droits de douane imposés par l’U.E. — a énervé le président. La Harley-Davidson que chantait Brigitte Bardot en 1967 (Je n'ai besoin de personne, en Harley-Davidson) reste la moto mythique dont rêvent toujours bien des Français.…

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  • As was pointed out in the article, the US unemployment rate is 3.8% to France’s 8.9%. What compelling rationale would there be to emulate France’s policies?

  • Alas, I am American and it’s worse than you can imagine. We have a spoiled toddler in the White House and the entire GOP cater to him (for their own self interest). Harley-Davidson got a grenade launched at them and berated for sidestepping it. We deplore this president. His supporters are just like you might expect… We are appalled at this isolationism. I love you France… I’ll be back next February! ❤️

    • I agreed completely, Debbie. It’s so embarrassing. The US is going to be more and more isolated. Dear French friends, I’m coming soon!

  • Turns out they have been selling less of them in the US and decided to move some overseas where it has become popular… and it is likely just a part of the back and forth of negotiations as far as trade goes. We hope it all works out to more like free trade for all. We will see.

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